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SAI Newsletter #1, August 8, 2018

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Greetings, and welcome to the weekly Sino Auto Insights newsletter.

This newsletter’s main purpose is to help our audience, stay up-to-date on the rapidly changing world of transportation and mobility in the Chinese market by researching, curating, and offering up articles that highlight the key topics from a variety of traditional and online, domestic and international media sources.

The target audience for this newsletter are people from:

  • Traditional OEMs & Tier 1's

  • Tech co.’s in the mobility/AI/transportation space

  • Consultants, analysts, journalists.

We plan on initially focusing on major events & announcements in these areas:

  • Transportation related

  • EVs

  • Mobility

  • Batteries

  • AI

  • Investments & Partnerships

  • Other

We realize that we have a number of industry experts who follow this newsletter, so if any readers feel that we missed a topic, article, or got an angle wrong, please feel free to reach out as we continue to improve the service and hone the categories and focus.

We look forward to hearing your feedback and building this newsletter into one of the GO TO places for information and perspective on what’s happening in China in these sectors.

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Finally, please bear with us while we sort out some bugs with the format, content, and timeliness of this newsletter as well. Some newsletters will be longer some will be shorter, but they should all be very informative.

Enjoy. The Sino Auto Insights team _________________________________________________________________________________

EVs: With the recent earnings release from Tesla, there was plenty to talk about.



  • Contract Manufacturing for the automotive sector. For large companies with money to burn, this could be an opportunity but not for some time still.

  • Tributes to Sergio Marchionne. He truly bailed out one of the Big Three and moved the company forward. One of the few true 'legends' in the automotive sector.

  • Tim Cook’s message to the team when Apple hit the $1Trillion. Still have some friends working at Apple so super proud of everyone that helped push them past this milestone!

  • The challenges of being a Startup in China. This highlights what many people on the ground in China have been thinking for some time. If you have a Ph.D. in machine learning from Carnegie Mellon, MIT, Caltech, Stanford, Cal or a few other uni's, chances are pretty good you’ll find funding regardless of what your idea is. I also agree that without some serious ‘struggles,’ startups will not have the ability to succeed outside of their home markets.


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